How is the Bail Amount Set in Delaware?

How is the bail amount set in Delaware?An arrest can be a stressful and inconvenient experience for everyone involved.  If you or someone close to you has been arrested you may be hit the harsh reality that posting bail can be expensive.  If you have ever wondered how is the bail amount set in Delaware?  We are here to answer that question today.  Let’s begin by looking at the two most common factors that affect the bail amount.

  • History.  One of the biggest factors that will affect the bail amount is the defendant’s history.  If they have a history of repeated offense, similar offenses or any kind of brush with the law it will affect the cost of the their bail.  However if the defendant has no criminal record or past offenses this can positively affect the cost of their bail.  Typically this is reflected in a lower cost of bail.
  • Offense.  Another factor that impacts the cost of bail is the classification of the offense.  Whether it was an inchoate or a statutory crime or if it involved property or an individual will impact the cost of bail.  If you want to read more information on different crime classifications visit this page. Where the offense took place will also be taken into consideration since some counties, cities and states view some offenses more severely than others.

How is the Bail Amount Set in Delaware?

If you still have questions regarding the cost of bail in Delaware or if you have questions about posting bail contact Your Freedom Bail Bonds today.  We truly care about our clients and will do whatever we can to help you or a loved one understand the bail process.  Our caring and committed team is standing by to help you or your loved one get out of jail in a timely fashion.

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