Contacting Someone After an Arrest

Contacting someone after an arrest in DelawareWe know the moments after someone you know or care about has been arrested can be stressful and a major point of anxiety.  We understand that one of the first things you may want to do is contact them and find out how they are holding up, if they’re alright, or what they may need to prepare a successful case.  In today’s post we’re going to look over what you may need to contact your friend or loved one after they’ve been arrested.  While they may be some differences between counties, cities, prision/jail institutions here are a few general scenarios.

During the Arrest

When an individual is arrested their personal belongings such as bags, purses, wallets, keys and cell phones are typically confiscated.  And these belongings will not be returned until after the defendant has been released.  This makes it difficult for the defendant to contact friends and family in the case that they are allowed to make collect calls they may not have the resources to pay for phone calls since their belongings including cash, credit or debit cards have been confiscated.  Another common factor playing into the defendant not being able to contact you is due to the everyday convenience of having their contacts pre-programmed into their cell phones resulting in them not being able to remember all their important contacts.

Call Accounts/Making Collect Calls

Because it is difficult if not impossible to access monetary resources while in jail/prison many institutions have calling accounts set up.  This is were you contact the institution where your friend or loved one is being held and you can add funds to their account giving them the monetary resources they need to make collect calls.  If a significant amount of time has passed since their arrest and you have not heard from them you can contact a bail bondsmen to see where they are in the process, if the bail amount has been appointed, or if you need to add funds into their calling account.  If you have any questions regarding contacting your friend or loved one don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Your Freedom Bail Bonds.  Our unparalleled experience and compassion make us your best resource when someone you care about has been arrested.  Call us today!

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