Do You Get Money Back after Posting Bail?

Do you get your money back after posting bail?When someone you know or a loved one has been arrested you’re bound to have a lot of questions regarding the bail bond process.  In today’s post we’re going to address one of the most common questions we get to help you better understand what happens after posting bail to begin we’re going to review the bail process.

The Bail Process

When someone is arrested they are processed at a local jail, courthouse, or prison.  Processing is when the defendant is finger printed, pictures are taken and their name is run through a nationwide database.  Depending on the parameters of the arrest(whether it was a misdemeanor, felon, the first offense or if the defendant has a history of recurring offense factor in) after the defendant is processed a judge will then determine whether or not they can be released on bail.

Posting Bail

Once the bail amount is set you can chose to use a bail agency to help cover the cost of posting bail.  When you chose to post bail using a bail bond you’re agreeing to pay a portion of the cost of bail.  When bail is paid it acts as assurance that the defendant will appear in court at the appointed date.  Any premium fees you’ve paid to the bail bond agency will not be returned, however, the portion of the bail that you paid that isn’t a premium is returned to you once the terms of bail are met.  In addition if you have the option and you chose to pay the full bail amount in cash you will receive the full amount back once again once the terms of bail are met.

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