What You Need to Post Bail: Get the Details You Need

Learn what you need to post bailWe understand that in our day and age people live busy lives filled with schedules and responsibilities.  While we can often make account for unexpected scenarios one instance no one ever plans on is the arrest of a loved one or a family member.  We understand receiving the news that someone is your life has been arrested can be incredibly stressful – that’s why today’s post will focus on what you’ll need in order to post bail.

Full Name and Booking Number

When someone is arrested they must go through a process called booking.  During this process they are usually run a background check and fingerprints and mugshots are taken of the defendant.  This process can take a matter of minutes or even hours depending on the size institution since smaller institutions can take less time to complete the booking process while larger ones might take longer.  It is helpful to not only know the defendants full name but their booking number as well.  If you don’t have access to the booking number a bail agent can get the number for you.

Where are They Being Detained

In addition to the defendants full name and booking number it’s helpful to know where the defendant is being detained.  This includes the county, city, state and the name of the jail or prison.  If you have this information the bail agent will be able to contact the jail and find out where they are in the booking process and even retrieve their booking number if it was unavailable to you.

Find the Right Bail Bond Agency

If you find yourself in this situation of having to post bail for a loved one contact Your Freedom Bail Bonds today!  It’s important to hire a bail bond agency that will treat you with the care and compassion you deserve.  Let us help you navigate the bail bond process with our experienced and compassionate team.  We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding bail.