Summer Travel: Bail Bond Tips

Summer Travel: Bail Bond TipsWith summer in full swing most Americans are taking advantage of the warmer months to travel whether visiting family or experiencing new and exciting places with friends summer can be filled with adventure.  However if you or a family member has been arrested and are out on bail you may be wondering if you have to ditch your travel plans?  The answer may just surprise you, in today’s post Summer Travel: Bail Bond Tips we’re going to answer that very question.

Summer Travel: Bail Bond Tips

Maybe you or something close to you has been arrested.  While that can cause headache and stress you may still be able to travel.  Depending on the severity of the offense most defendants are allowed to travel in their state of residence without any special parameters.  When you’re out on bail it’s important to discuss any and all travel plans with your bail bond agent.  They will be able to explain to you what is permitted by the court whether you are allowed to travel in state or out of state.  Because each case is unique only your bail bond agent can advise you on what is allowed by the court.

International Travel

While in some cases the court will allow an individual to travel internationally typically that is not the case.  Because international travel can often result in the defendant skipping bail most courts will not allow it.  Another reason why it can be difficult to be given permission to travel internationally is because of the unpredictability of cancellations and delays.  Even if the defendant is honest and is scheduled to be back in town in time for their court appointed hearing if flights, trains or other transportation means are delayed or even canceled this can set them back causing them to miss their court date.

Contact Your Freedom Bail Bonds Today

While in most cases travel can be tricky it is not impossible.  The first step you’ll want to take is discussing any travel plans you may have with your bail bond agent.  They can often help submit a request for permission to travel – especially if there is a family or health emergency.  Ultimately you need a team you can trust.  Contact Your Freedom Bail Bonds Today!

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